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Collector Information & FAQ

What condition will my items be in?

Shipping can be rough on delicate products! A small number of items that we receive from manufacturers arrive damaged. They can have dented or dinged boxes, significantly scratched windows, or even an issue created during the manufacturing process that doesn't meet our standards. We make the assumption that all of our customers purchase their items with the intention of preserving their collectibility and as such, the box or container is just as important as the item itself. We inspect all items that we receive carefully and remove ones that we do not consider high quality from our standard inventory so that only items in the best quality are shipped to you.

We may make less-than-mint items available for sale in the future at reduced prices, but if / when we do, these items will be clearly marked.

How do you protect my items during shipping?

Getting your product to you in the best condition is just as important. We take extra care in protecting Funko POP! vinyl figure boxes:

  • We never apply stickers or price tags to the boxes (but note that many boxes do come from Funko with lot number stickers already applied).
  • With orders of 1 or 2 pops, we wrap the boxes in bubble wrap first. To avoid damage when you unwrap them, we don't use tape to secure the bubble wrap.
  • Orders of 3 or more pops are placed inside an inner-container box (frequently a reused original Funko case box) which is well suited to secure the pops.
  • We use ample packing material / void fill to surround the pops and / or inner-container boxes - we usually use crumpled, clean / unprinted newsprint paper.
  • We use clear, strong shipping tape to seal the boxes. We don't run the tape on the top of the box all the way to the corners to leave room for you to open the box from the edge without risking damaging the items inside.

What if I'm not satisfied with my order?

If you're not happy with your order for any reason, we're not happy. We have a 90-day hassle-free return policy. We value your repeat business!